Snowboarding & Winter Activities in Seoul, South Korea

seoul, south korea

I was standing in what seems to be the edge of the earth… It was cold but I could feel my sweat inside my rented suit. I was trying to figure what got into me, why I was up there on top of a mountain of ice when I don’t even know how to ski…

Welcome again to 1000 Days In Seoul and today I’m so excited to share with you my wonderful and not so wonderful snowboarding and skiing experience. Lol 🙂

seoul, south korea

I’ve just checked off another item on my bucket list and that is to try snowboarding and skiing. I’ve been here in Korea for more than 1000 days and I’ve never tried it so I’m super stoked!

Our Filipino Community in South Korea went to Yangji Pine Ski Resort with our parish priest Fr. James Lee and it was an unforgettable experience. It felt like we were participating in the Pyeongchang Olympics which was also happening during that time. I wish!

seoul, south korea

But a lot of us are first-timers which actually made it more fun. We already anticipated how many times we would fall in the beginning.

To backtrack a little, before we went to the resort…

We went to Monster Ski & Snowboard to rent our winter gear and equipment. It is cheaper to rent outside of the ski resort.

Once inside the shop, you will be able to choose your outfit and then issue your equipment.

After all that fitting, we finally arrived in Yangji Pine Ski Resort!

Yangji Pine Ski Resort is an all-season leisure resort complex which is a 40-minute drive from Seoul.

They have a spacious snowboard and ski equipment rental complex.

It’s now time to ski! Some of us opted for a board and some for ski. The resort is divided into different areas; beginner, intermediate and expert. For some weird reason, we were brought to the intermediate area before we went to the beginner’s area.

This is where my agony begins. They coerced me to ride the lift and go on top of the mountain to ski. I can’t explain it but I did not know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to ski. I think my brain froze at the time.

Did you see the fear on my face? That was not fear. It was terror!  Though, I still tried to ski down that mountain. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I did not film my plunged to my demise. After a few tries and slamming my butt and my face to ice, I can’t get up anymore. I decided to just walk down which was not easy because I needed to thread on ice. I felt defeated, to be honest.

Please, don’t be discouraged. I’m not telling this story to discourage anyone from trying this activity. However, I hope that this could be a warning for anyone to not try the intermediate or expert level until you have tried the beginner’s area. If you are confident in your skills, then, by all means, try it.

Speaking of which, we went to the beginner’s area after a quick lunch and then back to ice again.

You can use the lift to transport you to the top…


It was an awesome experience and I would definitely do it again! I recommend this activity for thrill and speed seekers.

Other Winter Activities

Ice Skating Rinks

The Seoul government provides a skating rink for the public every year during winter at a very minimal cost. The rink is set up at the front of Seoul City Hall.

Tubing at Everland

Everland has a giant slide for tubing every winter and you can read more about my adventures in Everland Theme Park here…

What was your favorite winter activity? Which one will you do here in South Korea? Comment in the comment section below.




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