Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival (석촌호수 벚꽃축제)

As promised, this is kind of part 2 of my Cherry Blossom Festival feature and today I will be sharing with you the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival.

Seokchon Lake is located just outside of Jamsil subway station and surrounded by Lotte World, Lotte Hotel and Lotte World Tower, the 5th tallest building in the world.

As expected, the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival was also packed with people! But I can’t blame them, it is really gorgeous here!

Although it is crowded, the atmosphere is still joyous and festive.

Lotte World has an exterior portion of the amusement park extended to the middle of the lake and it is just a sight to behold! People walking around the Seokchon Lake gets to see the rides and attractions from afar and the cherry blossoms in the perimeter made it more magical.

I can’t stop myself from admiring the beauty of nature and how the cherry blossoms made everything perfect.

What’s also interesting is the number of people especially couples trying to get a picture of themselves with the perfect scenery. There were tons of them! Believe me! I’m usually not intimidated to take selfies but it was kinda awkward to be beside this sea of lovers. My partner is somewhere out there in the world (please find me soon) and my friends were not available at that time so I went by myself coz I need to take pics for the blog. The things I do for you guys…

Text: Sino ang daddy mo?
“Gurl, pantay pa ba ang funda ko?”

I think you got the point, right? And it just doesn’t help that Korean men and women are all so gorgeous! Kill me now please!

I dedicate the song “Akin Ka Na Lang”

Ok back to the main topic…

There was also a stage set up for performances and programs although I was not able to catch any since it was finished when I arrived.  I was busy taking shots and there was a special guest…

wait for it…

This cutie! It just came out of nowhere and she/he is so cute!

These colorful lanterns add to the beauty of the Seokchon Lake Festival

More pics of Seokchon Lake…

The rides inside the Lotte World is a sight to behold…

One of the finest distraction (if one can say it’s a distraction) from the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is the towering presence of the magnificent Lotte World Tower. This building is awesome and is currently the 5th tallest building in the world. I am promising myself that I will go up there one of these days and I will definitely feature here at 1000 Days In Seoul.

Overall, the Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival is a must-see for sakura lovers and those who want to explore the Jamsil area, one of the most progressive areas in Gangnam, South Korea.


Use the subway Line 2 or 8 and get off at Jamsil Station exit 2 or 10.

There you have it! Another festival checked and definitely, there’s more to come! So if you want to see more of these festivals, please subscribe to this blog and our facebook page at

Let us know in the comments below which festivals here in South Korea you would like to go to…


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    1. Well spring is almost over and summer is almost here so the flowers are almost gone but you can still try to catch some of them at Seoul Grand Park for the Rose Festival and also at Seolland. What kind of activities do you enjoy doing?

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