How South Korea is Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is not Ghostbusters the Movie

South Korea has been in the forefront in terms of dealing with Covid19 right from the start of the spread of the corona virus. Pictures shown here are not mine, these are taken from Yonhap News and other various news agencies here in South Korea.

The South Korea government has decided not to implement a lock down but instead focused on mass testing of pui’s and pum’s, immediately isolating those who are positive and contact tracing of people they have come in contact with. They are taken to a designated facility for those who are treated for the virus.

They cleaned subway facilities and made sure disinfection is done on a regular basis on frequently-used areas. Having been able to face virus outbreaks before like Sars and Mers, South Korea is more prepared and was able to carry out proven steps in order to handle the threats of coronavirus.

In an interview, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha was interviewed and shared some key steps they took. She also reiterated about openness, transparency and fully keeping the public informed has helped in dealing with covid19.

If you are here in South Korea, you will constantly get messages about updates and announcements in your mobile phone. Social distancing is advised and large gatherings, events, religious gatherings are put on-hold to help further flatten the curve.

Even though the cases went up as high as more than 10,000 as of April 2020, South Korea seems to be in the direction of flattening the curve of this virus. I hope that more countries would be able to emulate South Korea so that one day, we could wake up and coronavirus is completely gone.

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