5 Hacks from South Korea

South Korea is one of the most progressive countries in the world and we will be taking a look at these 5 hacks we could learn from Koreans…


Drinking is inevitable in Korean culture that’s probably why they have a lot of hangover cure. From energy drinks, tablets, even ice cream, Koreans surely knows how to have fun drinking, and recover thru these remedies. Do you think these products would be needed in your country?

Here’s an interesting video about the drinking culture in South Korea:



Chopsticks – Koreans did not invent chopsticks but they use it to eat in everyday meals. Have you ever noticed how fast you can shove food to your mouth with a spoon? So if you eat fast, it’s more likely that you would overeat.

If you use chopsticks, it would likely make you uncomfortable at first, but it would slow down your pace in eating. In this case, your brain would signal that you are already full and eventually help you lose weight.


Bus card – Struggling with coins? How many times did you lose paper money? Koreans use a bus card or transportation card to make paying easy. Most of them even use their smartphones to pay for bus fare.

It might take a lot to change the system but this surely helps Koreans make it easier for their transport system. I think they have a way of thinking out solutions to common problems and everyday scenarios.


South Korea has one of the best subway systems in the world. Almost anywhere you go in Korea, there’s a subway station nearby. It has revolutionized its transportation system and decreased the people who use cars.


Almost anywhere in Korea, the first thing that you would notice in a building or a house is a shoe foyer. It is a place right by the door where you leave your footwear. In restaurants, they usually have a cabinet where you can leave your shoes.

In restaurants and homes, Koreans don’t want you to bring your shoes inside their house and premises. You would need to leave them behind and be barefooted or wear socks inside. That’s because Koreans like to lie down on their floor so they want it clean.

Those are simple hacks we can learn Koreans. Do you have any other hacks/tips/ideas that you learn from Korea/Koreans? Comment them in the section below…


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