5 Best Areas To Stay At In Seoul, South Korea

5 best areas to stay in seoul

If you are traveling to Seoul or any place, one of the main things to consider is the place where you would stay. It would be your temporary home for the duration of your trip. You may want to stay where it is very convenient, accessible, near to the places you want to visit, etc. So careful consideration and a little research would help a lot. Good thing we have already compiled for you the 5 best areas to stay at in Seoul, South Korea.

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1. Myeongdong (명동)

5 Best Areas To Stay in Seoul
Baka nandito si the one…

Myeongdong is the most popular destination in Seoul for tourist so it is just natural that hotels, hostels, Airbnb, and the like abound this area. It is a shopper’s paradise. Both locals and foreigners flock to this area to shop, dine and have a good time.

Bilangin kung ilan ang tao sa picture… charot!

You can also watch movies at the CGV Theatre, or visit the famous Myeongdong Cathedral, the largest Catholic Cathedral in South Korea.

cgv theater in myeongdong


5 best areas to stay in Seoul
Myeongdong Cathedral

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Chungmuro is just next to Myeongdong and has a quieter pace so there are also a lot of airbnb, hostels in the area. It is also near to Namsan tower and Namsangol Village. So if Myeongdong is too busy for you, Chungmuro is just a few blocks away.

5 best areas to stay in seoul

Main Advantage of Myeongdong: Various stores and Accessibility. Most tour companies start or pass-by here for those who plan to take tours outside of Seoul.

Disadvantage: The area can get a little crowded especially during holidays. In addition, if you are a shopaholic,  shops can be so tempting.

In Myeongdong, I would recommend Royal Hotel Seoul for 5-star hotel seekers and Blue Boat Hostel for those on a budget. I’ve stayed in this hostel and it is a 5-minute walk to the Myeong-dong area.


2. Insadong  (인사동)

5 best areas to stay in seoul

Insadong is a famous shopping area for souvenirs and traditional items. It is also near to Gyeungbukgung Palace and other palaces so if you would like to relive your Korean drama fantasies where Kings and Queens lived, this is the area for you.

Very near to Gwanghamun Square where you can find the infamous statues of King Sejong, the inventor of Hangeul and Admiral Yi, one of the greatest warriors of Korea.

Seoul, South Korea

Gyeungbukgung Palace

Bukchon Hanok Village

Seoul, South Korea

Chenggyecheon River

seoul, south korea

Seoul Lantern Festival

Seoul Lantern Festival


3. Seoul Station

seoul, south korea

One of the biggest and busiest stations is Seoul Station. This is where a lot of high-end hotels are situated. It can be a great starting point if you would like to explore places outside of Seoul. You can find access to transportation like buses, Korail and KTX. This area has a mix of high-end and budget-friendly places to stay at.

Seoul Station



4. Hongdae

Shopping area in Hongdae. Photo from Korea BizWire

If you’re looking for a current and youthful vibe, this place is for you. This is where universities and schools are found, so it has a very young crowd. Affordable accommodations like hostels are dominant in this area. You can enjoy the night scene on clubs that abound this area even up to the wee hours of the morning. You can also find interesting places to visit here like dog and cat cafes.

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5. Gangnam

Photo from: Google.com

This is the only area located in the South featured in this article and definitely not the least. Who could forget “Gangnam Style”, Psy’s phenomenal worldwide hit song, was inspired by this area. Lotte World, Korea’s Largest Indoor Theme Park, and the newly opened Lotte Tower are located here. It also offers an easy access 40-minute ride to Everland, Korea’s largest theme park. Last but not the least, the Kpop companies are also in this area.

Kpop Road and Talent Companies


Lotte World

Lotte Tower

Final Word:

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